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Seaham Hall Wedding photography

Paul & Rachel  –  3rd June 2011

We knew that this wedding was going to be a very relaxed affair, because our meeting for the Pre-wedding shoot went so well, and we had a good feeling about how they wanted the day to go. We all got on so well that day.

We arrived at Seaham Hall and were greeted by Paul and his best man Darren who were fully all suited and ready to go. Rachel’s two boy’s were also in their suits and looked very Chilled Out on a beautiful sunny day at Seaham Hall.

We started with the terrace for some formal and informal groom and best man shots and a few of all the guys in suits, before went up to see Rachel and Catherine who were getting ready in the bridal suite.

Rachel looked fabulous and her dress was stunning. We got some great shots capturing that special bond between mother and daughter. I stayed with the girls while Susan went off to cover photos of the guests arriving.
Rachel made her entrance into the ceremony on the arm of her eldest son, and looked radiant. The ceremony was beautiful and without disturbing the flow we were able to get the key moments and the emotions were beautifully caught.
The guests then went outside onto the patio and were entertained by a young couple playing keyboard and guitar and singing. The female singer and had an amazing voice.

While the couple were mingling with their guests we took the candid shots and then after a while arranged the group shots. While the guests enjoyed the hot summers day, went about our discreet way getting the shots Paul and Rachel wanted.

We took a break while the wedding party enjoyed their wedding breakfast and started again for the speeches. The best man had lined up a great gag involving keys and had just about everybody other than the bride and groom in on it. It worked a treat. He got the desired reaction from Paul and Rachel and we got the photos.

After the reception we took more creative shots of Paul and Rachel this time at the front of Seaham Hall.

We predicted that it would be a relaxed day, and that’s how it turned out. A day which resulted in lots of wonderful images and memories being captured.

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”


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