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Matfen Hall Wedding

The wedding day Stewart & Rachel Pennington,   at Matfen Hall on the 2nd July 2011

Reportage Wedding Photography
Matfen Hall is a stunning venue for a wedding and today was going to be even more stunning as Stewart and Rachel’s ceremony was being held outdoors in the garden.

Stewart was well attended to by his dad, best man and brother who’d recently arrived from Australia. His brother had to wear his flip flops for the boys photo shoot prior to the wedding as the dress shoes to accompany his suit did not turn up. The atmosphere was nicely relaxed and Stewart spent time meeting and greeting his guests who were enjoying the most of the beautiful weather and gardens.

Rachel and the bridal party were indoors getting prepared and keeping a close eye on things developing outside. I stayed with the girls while the finishing touches to hair and make up were being done, while Susan mingled in with Stewart and the guests getting group portraits of the bride and grooms invited guests.
I was able to capture some wonderful Reportage Photography, while the girls went about their make-up.

Once all the guests were seated for the outdoor ceremony, Rachel on her dad’s arm, accompanied by her bridesmaids made her walk towards the gazebo where the wedding service was being conducted. Rachel looked stunningly beautiful and full of smiles as she walked towards Stewart. Stewart had the vantage point over the guests to watch Rachel make her entrance and with the look of love in his eyes, held Rachel’s gaze until she was right up there beside him.

The service was befitting the setting. There were readings and one of the guests sang the Adele hit “Make You Feel My Love” dedicating it to Stewart and Rachel. It was beautifully sung, and brought a tear to a few eyes (and not just the ladies) which Susan captured.

The service was followed by a champagne reception with chocolate dipped strawberries on the lawn. We stepped back at this point to give Stewart and Rachel time with their guests and enjoy the celebrations. We pick out the candids during this time, effectively being the “eyes” in the back of Stewart and Rachel’s heads, and to give them plenty of image choices for the album.

Matfen lends itself to both formal and informal opportunities, so was a pleasure to arrange the formal group shots. After a spell we took a few more shots of Stewart and Rachel away from the guests, before they went off for their formal wedding reception indoors. After the line up, Stewart and Rachel were on their own and quite oblivious to us took the opportunity to practice their dance routine. We pride ourselves on being ever watchful of photo opportunities such as this and without disturbing the happy couple got some lovely “moment” shots.

Our day with Stewart and Rachel ended after we’d captured the speeches. Stuart and Rachel are a lovely gracious couple and their wedding, put simply, was a perfect day.

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”


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