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Jewish weddings in Gateshead

Orthodox Jewish weddings

I have had the pleasure of being invited to shoot three Orthodox Jewish weddings in Gateshead over the past couple of years. I fully appreciate the level of trust placed on me and my assistant photographer, to be part of a very important ceremony in the Jewish community. We have respect for the different etiquette that surounds the wedding ceremony, and know the key moments that have to be captured. The whole ceremony is steeped in tradition, and timing is important when covering the ceremony. Photographs are very important to all the families, and full consideration is given to the photographer to get in and capture everything that goes on.
A Jewish wedding still makes me smile as it is so full of life and fun, with celebration after celebration, everyone has a great time.
The Jewish community of Gateshead is unique among provincial communities in the UK, being almost exclusively ultra-Orthodox and its Yeshivas are probably the principal centre’s of Jewish learning in Britain. It’s a pleasure to be a trusted photographer in this close and influential community.

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