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Horton Grange Wedding

Wedding date 8th July 2011

Garry & Marilyn

It’s fair to say our groom today, Garry enjoys life and his wedding day was going to be no exception. Garry was getting ready at Horton Grange, while Marilyn was getting prepared at their home not too far away in Cramlington.

Garry was full of fun and mischief while putting the finishing touches to his suit and it was hard to keep a straight face ourselves while taking the informal pre-wedding photos. Garry is a great bloke to be around and full of surprises.

The beauty of having two photographers today helped as I nipped away to capture Marilyn getting prepared, Susan stayed with the guys to get some lovely candid’s when they thought they weren’t under the spotlight.

Guests started to arrive and again, Susan was on hand to capture some emotional reunions between Garry and Marilyn’s close friends and family. Their former neighbour’s had travelled from Australia to be there – now that’s what I call accepting an invitation!!!

Meanwhile back at Cramlington, I got great photos of Marilyn getting ready, shots of the finishing touches to hair and makeup, and picking up the details shots of the dress, shoes and flowers. Her daughter was bridesmaid and her dad was there to give her away. Marilyn is a naturally effervescent person with the most wonderful engaging smile and that came across in the images taken of herself with her daughter and dad before setting off for the ceremony.

Once at Horton Grange, the full emotion of the event caught up with Marilyn and for a moment she was overwhelmed. We pride ourselves on capturing such moments in a discreet manner and Susan was on hand to get a fabulous shot of the tears just pricking into Marilyn’s eyes. With the support of her dad and daughter she calmed and with that beautiful smile back, entered the ceremony.

Two of Garry and Marilyn’s friends did readings, which summed up the love between the bride and groom. Only when it came to reading the vows did they realise that they both forgot their glasses. Garry took full advantage of the situation and had Marilyn, the registrars and everyone watching in fits of laughter. It didn’t detract from the solemnity of the occasion; in fact it summed up .

The weather held (there had been the threat of rain all morning) so the wedding party were able to enjoy being outside in the gardens for a champagne reception and formal photos.

Horton Grange provides a great backdrop for formal photos and has some interesting areas to use when taking creative shots. We took full advantage and got some memorable images.

Garry and Marilyn were generous with their time, which we truly appreciate,. This resulted in some great photography capturing the emotion and celebration of their wedding day.

Thanks to Garry our chuckle muscles had a good work out that day too!!

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”


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