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We have a wonderful gift for you & your new baby.

Three portrait photographs presented in a beautiful folio, capturing your baby’s first year.

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As a parent myself, I know how quickly your baby’s first year will pass. A tiny baby in your arms now, but in twelve months time a little person with a unique character, maybe walking.

This is a time none of us can ever call back, which is why it is important not to miss this opportunity to professionally record these early days.

We would like to make you a unique offer

3 Baby Photo Sessions

We would like to invite you to our studio to photograph your baby’s first year, starting at four months, then eight months and finally your baby’s first birthday. After each session you select one portrait of your choice to be included in your folio. After the third session we will present you with a beautiful folio containing your treasured portrait from each sitting – all with our compliments.


Where is the studio?

Your cherubs baby club sessions will take place in our studio in The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, where we have photographed hundreds of babies. Full directions will be sent when we confirm your booking.

Please call us right away to book your appointment, as the first cherub session should ideally be taken before your baby is 5 months old (we can start anywhere between 2 weeks & 12 months)

Please do not wait until your baby has reached four months, as a suitable appointment may not be available.

Then we can create for you a selection of beautiful portraits capturing these timeless memories that you will cherish forever. Your viewing will take place at the studio, in the comfort of our viewing room, after your session. You are welcome to bring family and friends to help you choose your portraits. We present your images in the form of a slide show, from which you can select your folio picture. The images you will see are more than just photographs. Each image has been captured and treated to our own unique style to give you memories to treasure forever. Every portrait that is ordered is carefully retouched. We will do our best to remove scratches, spots and dribble.

Naturally, if you would like any photographs from the session, we would be happy to provide them either for yourself, or perhaps as a gift for friends and family.

Prices are as little as £49 for a beautiful 8” by 6” photograph.

However, there is no obligation to buy photographs in order to receive your baby’s portfolio. this wonderful offer is made without any obligation you truly do not have anything to lose.

Call the studio now to book your “Special Offer” Cherubs Photo shoots Call 0191 2605055

TEXT ‘cherubs’ to 07974308758 and we will call you back to make an appointment

We now offer The Graphi Baby Book…….. call the studio to ask about this.

Bump Portraits
Having a baby is a magical experience and having a Bump Portrait is a wonderful way to start your family portrait collection. Our award winning Bump portraits offer beautiful and tender images, and are effortless to achieve in both the studio or at your home. It is worth while making the time to have these photos taken as its the one and only chance for this type of photo. The bump shoot should be when you are about 7 month pregnant.

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