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Beamish Hall Wedding

Mark & Angela’s Beamish Hall Wedding

The day started at Mark and Angela’s house where all the boys busy getting ready. Here we got great shots of them getting to grips with button holes and cravats, and some lovely shots of Mark and his son who have a very special bond.

We met Angela’s mum and dad at the pre wedding photo shoot, and were warmly welcomed into their home which was a hive of activity with all the girls putting the final touches to their hair makeup before stepping into their dresses. Angela and her mum Judy were so busy looking after everyone else that they were the last to get ready, but well worth the wait. Everyone looked so glamorous.

The church was just up the road so while I stayed with the bridal party, Susan nipped away to get shots of the guests arriving and get some candids of Mark, his son Kieron who was his bestman.

When Angela arrived the full enormity of the event caught up with her, but she quickly regained her composure and entered the church a picture of calm and serenity.

The service was warmly conducted, but one of the small bridesmaids took a liking to the candles but was discreetly ushered away from them before there were any mishaps.

Following the ceremony, and in the grounds of the church, Mark and Angela released two doves. We captured the moment and caught the reaction of their guests to the event.

Their reception was at Beamish Hall, and the quests arrived in a vintage bus.

We arrived before the happy couple, so were able to capture the images of them pulling up in style and emerging from the wedding car and being greeted and congratulated by their guests. This gave us ample opportunity to get some fabulous candid shots. Everyone was nice and relaxed and more than happy to be on the large formal photo.

Beamish’s Master of Ceremonies called the party in for their meal, and once seated the new Mr and Mrs Ruddick made their entrance, looking very happy indeed.

The speeches that followed the meal were full of love, humour and emotion. Up until this point Mark had been cool, but while doing his own speech, emotion overwhelmed him, which spilled over and onto his son Keiron. The words from all the speeches were so true and from the heart that it would have been difficult for anyone there that day (including us) not to have had a lump in their throat or a tear in their eye.

After the wedding breakfast, everyone it was back out into the gardens. Mark and Angela mingled with their guests, while we got more formal and candid shots. We also took time to get some creative shots of mark and Angela, without disturbing the flow of their day.

As night time came, it was time for the evening reception. Staying to the first dance gives us opportunity to capture more images. The choice of songs chosen for when Angela danced with her dad, and then with her husband was just perfect.

This was when we bowed out of the party. For us the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Beamish Hall is a stunning, 42 bedroom country house hotel and one of the North East of England’s most popular and luxurious venues

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