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Alnwick Castle Wedding

Lyndsey & Chris – Alnwick Castle 27th April 2012

An Alnwick Castle wedding is a special event, as the couple have decided to use one of the iconic locations of Northumberland to celebrate their wedding day. Chris and Lyndsey’s day started at Blackmoors at Alnwick where Chris and his best man had been staying the night before. The guys were looking very smart in their new suits (from Slaters)and fully ready when we arrived. We took some formal shots of the two lads, and then made our way to Greycroft  where Lyndsey was staying over with the bridal party.
Lyndsey was glowing and full of excitement when we arrived. While the finishing touches were being made to her hair, we busied ourselves by getting detailed shots of the dress, accessories and flowers, (supplied by Simply Flowers). We also took the opportunity to get some posed shots of the bridal party before they left for the castle.
Lyndsey’s “Johanna Hehir” wedding dress was fabulous and suited her perfectly. She was fitted with her dress at The White Tulip Wedding company, based in Prodhoe She couldn’t wait to get it on and was certainly fully enjoying all the preparations of the morning. It made for some great images too.
We went ahead of the bridal party to be at the castle to photograph their arrival coming over the bridge. While waiting for the bride there was the opportunity to get the images of Chris mingling with the guests and then capturing his anticipation while waiting for Lyndsey.
The moment arrived and Lyndsey made her entrance, which we both captured from different angles, me from ground level and Susan from a great vantage point above.
The service was beautiful with an emotional reading from Lyndsey’s mum which had everyone reaching for their hankies.
Ceremony over, the party moved outside into the castle courtyard. We love this time as while the couple are mingling with their guests and being congratulated we watch the scene and get fabulous candid shots.
Lyndsey, Chris and I then went back with their Vintage Car to the bridge to take shots we’d planned into the timings of the day with the Castle in the background.
Alnwick Castle is a fairy tale castle, and in the areas allowed for taking photos makes a great back drop for brides and grooms.
We photograph during the speeches. Having two photographers we can concentrate both on the wedding party and the guests, to capture the emotions and special moments that occur. We’d been warned the best man’s speech was going to be long; in fact one of the guests took bets on it. He was and there was a winner!
En route to the Gardens for the evening reception is the time when formal photographs can be taken. We were lucky with the weather so were able to take all the group shots at the armoury. While I was doing the formals, Susan was picking out the candids. A good mix of both gives the couple lots of options for the album.
The fountains were on at the Gardens, so we took more photos, again a lovely mixture of formal and informal, not to mention men in kilts (yes one of them did) and Lyndsey’s grandma showing off her legs!! The party was well under way!
The day eased into the evening and before the first dance, Lyndsey threw her bouquet. One of the girls caught it and we caught the “flight and catch” sequence superbly. The couple are now engaged to be married.
Our final shots are of the new Mr and Mrs Warren enjoying their first dance. The other guests needed no enticement and were soon on the floor too to dance the night away.
Our lovely couple had invited us to stay to party with them, but another wedding beckoned the following day so we had to say a sad farewell and leave.
Throughout the day, when greeting friends and family with wide open arms, we often heard Lyndsey say “give me some love”. We certainly felt the love on Lyndsey and Chris’s wedding day and captured it our images for eternity.

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”


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